Thursday, February 9, 2012

02 Drawing Nº 31

I know that I've mentioned the rules-of-thumb for head proportions, but I'm not sure if I have actually listed the ones that I know and use regularly when sketching a head. Also, how do those rules-of-thumb actually work on a real face? This is the average face of twelve faces that I saved a few days ago.

I used the Brightness and Contrast tools in Kolourpaint to more or less erase the skin tone. Then I opened it in the GIMP, and used an Artistic Cartoon filter on it, to get some quick drawing lines.

This is what it looks like with some proportion lines added.

Here are the rules-of-thumb I use:
One head length is from the crown of the head to the bottom of the chin.
One head length is divided in half at the middle of the eyes.
The head is about five eyes wide. 2, 3, and 4 are usually the same.
1 and 5 may vary in size, depending on the face.
The lower half of the face can be divided into fifths, using four lines
between the line going through the eyes, and the bottom of the chin.
The bottom of the nose is about two fifths.
The line in the middle of the mouth is at about the third fifth.
The top of the ears is usually at about the top of the eye.
The bottom of the ears is usually at about the bottom of the nose.

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