Tuesday, February 21, 2012

02 Drawing Nº 43

Today I started enlarging the final drawing. The factor in this case is 1.57480. The drawing I am working from, with the small grid, has a 63.5mm head length. The drawing I am enlarging has a 100mm head length. 100 divided by 63.5 is 1.57480. However, I should not have to do too much measurement calculations because both drawings have ten squares per head length. Each square in the smaller drawing is 1/4 inch, and each square in the enlargement is 1 centimeter.

When enlarging a drawing, the object is to try and copy the lines in each square of the small grid to the larger grid square. This technique is very low-tech, and only requires a pencil and a ruler for tools. No fancy projectors, or enlarging machines are required.

The height of the figure in my first drawing is 10.5 inches tall. Each head length is six 1/4 inch squares (1.5 inches). The height of the figure in my second drawing (the first enlargement) is 17.5 inches tall. Each head length is ten 1/4 inch squares (2.5 inches). The height of the figure in this drawing (the second enlargement) is 27.5625 inches tall. Each head length is ten 1 centimeter squares (3 15/16 inches). From 10.5 inches tall to 17.5 inches tall to 27.5625 inches tall. If my shrinkage calculations are correct, the finished doll composition slip doll will be just a little over 24 inches tall.

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