Friday, March 9, 2012

03 Armature Nº 10

This is the tracing paper overlay of the torso. I am re-using the tracing paper, so it has something else on it, from another project, which I no longer need. I do not like to throw away perfectly good tracing paper. So I am re-using it.

The outline is about the same as I did it for the head. This should leave at least 1/4th inch for the clay over the wood. I hope that will be enough.

When I drew this, I did not remember that I want to make the torso armature in such a way that I might be able to remove the leg and arm wires without cutting the armature wire. If I can do this, I will be able to reuse this armature for another sculpture of this size in the future.

The bright red lines are where I made adjustments to the tracing paper overlay. The cyan lines are where I think the arm and leg armature wires will go. Note how I made adjustments for the leg wires in the side view of the torso.

This shows the measurements for the finished wood pieces. I think I will try to find some scrap pieces of wood that measure at least 6 inches by 12 inches. I like to try and glue some pieces of plywood in between pieces of solid wood for strength. I will need to find at least four pieces of 3/4 inch thick solid wood, and three pieces of 1/4 inch thick plywood.

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