Saturday, March 10, 2012

03 Armature Nº 11

These are some of the scrap pieces of wood I found to make the armature torso with. There are three layers of plywood in the top row, and one of those layers is in two pieces. It doesn't matter because all the pieces are going to be glued together. There is one piece of dimensioned board on the left, in the second row, and it is actually 3/4 inches thick. All the other pieces are scrap pieces of baseboard that a neighbor gave to me when she was cleaning out her garage. I am such a packrat. Sometimes I get worried about all the stuff I have in my studio. Otherwise, in times like this, I am very happy to find what I need in my studio, and I do not have to go out and buy anything.

I started out by gluing the two pieces of plywood to the piece of 3/4 inch dimensioned lumber. I like to glue a couple of pieces together, then let them set for awhile before gluing more pieces. It is not as messy that way. Always put some newspaper under any gluing because if you use the right amount of glue, it should squish out all around. If no glue squishes out, you probably didn't use enough glue. That is what I was taught, anyway.

After awhile, the stack of wood gets too thick for the spring clamps, and I start to use the larger "C" or "G" clamps. At his point, the stack is a little over 2 inches thick. I need to get it a little over 3.5 inches thick for the torso.

For the torso, I will not be able to use my small bench bandsaw to cut out the side profile. The throat of my bandsaw is only a little over 3.5 inches. That will allow me just barely cut out the front view of the torso. Then I will have to use the kerf method that I previously mentioned, to cut out the side view.

Anyway, I still have a few more pieces of wood to glue on to the stack before I do any cutting. And the glue must dry in between. This torso is the largest piece. I started out with the head, in order to figure out the process. Now I am doing the torso. The last wooden pieces, for the limbs, will also be small. After I get all these wood pieces done, I will be able to start joining the armature together with the twisted wire.

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