Monday, March 12, 2012

03 Armature Nº 13

Today was a day of everything going wrong. I tried to drill out the neck on the torso, but it split all apart. So I cut it off. Then I tried to drill a hole in the torso to fit the neck on the head into, but I drilled it at the wrong angle. So I ended up cutting the neck off the head, and gluing it into the hole in the torso, to fill it. I will cut that neck off later on, after the glue dries. I have marked where I am going to drill a hole into the head, in order to insert an armature wire.

Overall, I am pleased with the wooden torso and head. I can always cut more off. If I cut too much off, I can always glue more wood back on. Now I want to make some wood parts for the legs, and maybe for the arms as well? I am also thinking about where I want to drill holes to insert the armature wires for the limbs.

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