Thursday, March 15, 2012

03 Armature Nº 16

I cut the wooden torso into three parts, using a Makita cut-saw with a metal-cutting blade in it because I could not put my hand on the wood-cutting blade for it. It seems like I spent half my time looking for tools that I have misplaced. The end result is what is important, and the fine-toothed metal-cutting blade did a fine job of cutting the torso along the pencil lines I had drawn on the torso.

My first thought was to use the bench belt sander to bevel all three parts, so they would pivot around each other, but after sanding on the middle piece, I have decided that is too much work.

So what I am going to do is to take out the middle piece and just have wire armature in that space. That should allow me to bend the torso however I want to bend it. I will probably put two wires side-by-side, about an inch apart, on either side of the middle line.

This is the reason I cut the torso. This is adapted from Albert Pountney's book, Modelling A Figure In Clay (London: Tiranti, 1951). Please excuse my poor computer drawing skills. Drawing helps me to understand things.

I have already removed the wooden neck, and replaced it with wire. Now I am removing the middle of the torso, in order to replace it with wire. Even though I am working on my doll a little bit every day, I am making slow, but sure progress. I think about things for awhile, then try to do something that I have been thinking about.

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