Monday, March 19, 2012

03 Armature Nº 20

I made a tracing paper overlay for the wooden armature pieces for the arms and legs. I only made one side because I can turn the overlays over for the other side. It looks like I can use some wood dowels for the arms. The wood pieces for the arms will be more for keeping the wire straight than for bulk.

I broke the last bandsaw blade in my studio the other day, so I need to replace that before cutting out the wood pieces for the arms and legs. I must admit that I really enjoy using the bandsaw to cut small pieces of wood.

I found this unusual armature at the site of a Bay Area artist by the name of Andrew Ameral who teaches anatomy. Besides encouraging his students to draw constantly, they also make an écorché sculpture starting with the bones, and adding muscles. See how this armature is used at The armature itself was originally designed by two talented sculptors, and has been refined by Andrew Ameral over the years. The hands for the armature were designed by an assistant.

Even though sculpture is not modeled in this fashion by sculptors, I think that this armature is especially useful for making an écorché sculpture. The traditional method for modeling a sculpture in clay is to start by posing the armature, then adding large sections of clay to capture the gesture, and working with smaller and smaller pieces of clay as the sculpture approaches the final form, with details being added last.

This is an écorché sculpture done by a student (Mikael Andersson), using the armature.

More information about it can be found at This student's teacher (Jim Vikström) was the assistant to Andrew Ameral, who designed the hands for the armature. Jim Vikström now teaches anatomy classes in Sweden.

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