Monday, March 5, 2012

03 Armature Nº 6

I am doing all my preliminary armature designing on my computer using the Kolourpaint graphics program. In this diagram I am drawing over a photo of the finished working drawing. The red outlines may be pieces of wood. The yellow line is a wire for the head. The green lines are the wires for the arms. The cyan lines are the wires for the legs. I may do several more designs before I am ready to start making the armature. It is already starting to feel very close to what I have been thinking about doing. I still haven't decided where I want to place the back iron of the armature support. It might go in at about four heads up from the modeling board.

Drawing on the computer is fast, easily changed, and relatively cheap if you already have a computer. If I did not have a computer I would be drawing on a tracing paper overlay on top of my working drawing, probably using crayons or colored pencils.

I have a small bench band saw in my studio, so cutting the wood should be fairly easy. I also have a small bench drill press and all sizes of drill bits, so drilling holes in the wood to insert the wires should not be a problem. However, if I didn't have the power tools, I could cut the wood with a hand-held coping saw, and make the holes with my hand-held electric drill. I don't think that a fancy studio is necessary to make a functional armature this size. It might take a little longer time to make with hand-held tools, but the quality should not suffer from having to use hand-held tools rather than power tools.

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