Wednesday, March 7, 2012

03 Armature Nº 8

I am going to start the armature with the head. I want to make some wood blocks to put inside the clay, so I will not have to use as much oil-clay. The first thing I do is to put some pieces of tracing paper over my working drawing and trace the contours. Then I use a red colored pencil to make the outline of the wood.

These are the measurements of the wood pieces.

In order to get everything in a piece of wood, I will use some wood scraps that are 3 inches by 4 inches.

Once I cut the wood, I knock off any splinters with the sander, then apply some wood glue.

Then I clamp the pieces of wood and leave them over something to catch the excess glue that leaks out.

This is the way I will make all the pieces of wood that I want to put on the armature. When the glues dries, I will stick the tracing paper on the sides, and cut out around the silhouettes.

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  1. hello kwmelvin,interesting process!looks like you are busy with your next bjd project? Are you going to have a totally different approach this time? I see you are going to use oil clay. I am using Cernit at the moment, but I will stick to plasticine again the next time,its simply a very nice material to work with. Greetings

  2. This is not exactly my NEXT project, but rather the 3rd version of my FIRST BJD. I am still trying to make Aalish, who will be cast in doll composition slip IF she ever gets finished. On this third version, I am following Martha Armstrong-Hand's method more closely. I am going to use Nº 2 Prima Professional Grade Plastilina over a wire armature, bulked-out with wood, and supported by a back iron armature support. Then I am planning on removing the oil-clay figure from the armature support, cutting it apart, waste molding it, then casting carving wax doll parts. Those carving wax doll parts will be refined for the final slip-casting plaster molds. Both oil-clay and carving wax are reusable. Right now I am trying to make the armature reusable as well. I am figuring it out as I go. We'll just have to see how it works? If this doesn't work, then I'll try a more traditional wire armature. (^_^)


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