Wednesday, April 4, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 13

This photo shows the back view of the figure with some coils of oil-clay that I have added to the figure's bum.

This is the back view of the coils of oil-clay after being raked, to blend the coils together.

This is a side view of my work on the bum.

I am mainly working on trying to block in the three main masses of the figure; the skull, the ribcage, and the pelvis.

This is a three-quarter view of the figure. It is good to turn the figure frequently during the modeling, in order to try and see it from many different angles of view.

I am using my oil-clay at a much faster rate than I thought I would. So I weighed the amount of oil-clay that I have not put on the figure yet. I started out with six two-pound blocks of oil-clay. That is a total of 12 pounds of oil-clay. (I paid about $65.33 USD, including shipping for those 12 pounds of oil-clay.) I now have 3.75 pounds of oil-clay in my box at this point in the modeling process. That means I have applied a total of 8.25 pounds of oil-clay to the figure, as of today. The whole thing (modeling board, back- iron, armature, and oil-clay weighs 15.25 pounds. Take away the 8.25 pounds of oil-clay, and the modeling board, back iron, and armature weigh 7 pounds all together. I am very happy with my decision to make the wooden armature parts.

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