Thursday, April 26, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 35

I have been thinking about making some oil-clay sketches of feet. I am gathering some reference materials to study while I am making the oil-clay sketches. This is what the feet on my figure look like right now. They really do not have very many planes, as a foundation to build on. Click on any image to enlarge it.

The human figure is all interconnected, and the full weight of a standing human being is on the feet.

Generally speaking, the female bone structure is smaller than the male's, overall. Notice that the width of the feet together, is about one head length. So each foot, at the widest point, is about one half head length.

The bones of the foot create arches.

The inside ankle bone is higher than the outside ankle bone. The inside ankle bone is also known as the tibia, or shin bone.

I have a wax life cast of the foot of a young woman that I made many years ago, in an alginate mold. I use if for reference.

In this modified photo of the top view of the wax reference foot, the red arrow is pointing to the outside ankle bone. The green line is where the inside ankle bone is. The pink line shows how there is an angle between the inside and outside ankle bones; they are not directly across from each other. The white line is the leg section, right above the ankle bones. The cyan line is the highest part of the foot, with different planes slanting away on each side of it.

This is a montage of a rotation of the wax foot. It is easier to see some of the different planes of the foot when it is rotated.

This is the rotation with the camera at a slightly different angle.


a handbook of anatomy for the art student. Fourth Edition. Arthur Thomson. 1915.

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