Monday, May 7, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 45

I found this really nice online human figure anatomy resource called Rey's Anatomy. Rey Bustos teaches classes at Art Center College of Design (ACCD) in Pasadena, California. He uses a combination of sculpture and live models to illustrate anatomy which changes to show the muscles as the mouse moves over the image. This is a screen capture of a sculpture called The White Captive, 1857–58; by Erastus Dow Palmer (American, 1817–1904).

This is a screen capture of the torso of a live model, showing the muscles.

This is a screen capture of the legs of a live model, showing the muscles.

This is a screen capture of the back of a live model figure, showing the muscles.

I really enjoy finding resources that make learning human anatomy fun.

I have started working on the lower legs, working from a baseline dropped from the back edge of the bum. I am trying to work from the pelvis, since it is fixed to the back iron. I am working from the main head length lines first. I use my calipers to measure my working drawing, then I measure the figure, from the paint stir stick. I need to find a better stick. If the leg needs to be built-up, I add small balls of clay to meet the measurement, as can be seen with the small ball of clay circled in red.

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