Friday, May 18, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 56

I made the head of my armature removable, so it would be easier to model in clay. Here, I have removed the head from the figure and set it on a small modeling stand. The modeling stand is simply a piece of scrap wood with a hole drilled in the middle, and a 13mm dowel inserted in the hole. I have marked some guide lines on the face, dividing it in half horizontally and vertically. This is the front view. Click on any image to enlarge it.

This is the side view. At this point, the front of the face is a vertical blank canvas, waiting for some features to be added. There is a wooden head armature part under about a 1cm layer of oil-clay. So I do have some room to add clay, as well as subtract it if necessary.

This is the bottom view, showing that the face is curved, not flat. The white part is the wooden armature inside the layer of oil-clay.

The first hole I drilled in the dowel was off-center, so I drilled a better hole in the other end, to insert the wire into. The wire is bent slightly to copy the angle of the wire in the neck of the figure armature.

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