Friday, May 25, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 63

This is a daily progress photo, showing some of the work done on the oil-clay head. The head is still very much in a rough state, but is starting to look a little more human as the eyes get better adjusted. Click on an image to enlarge it.

Yesterday evening the postal worker delivered a package containing a Budget Skull. It is made of plastic, and weighs 2 lbs. 14-3/8 oz. The skull is 7-3/4 inches from top of skull to lower jaw. The cheekbones are 5-1/8 inches  at the widest point. The circumference of the skull at the cut is ~23-5/16 inches. The lower jaw is removable, contains three removable teeth, and has springs which allow the mouth to open, close, and remain shut. The top of the skull is also removable. I am hoping this skull will help me while I am modeling the doll head in oil-clay. It seems to be very detailed, considering how inexpensive it was. I will also be using it as a drawing model, and as a reference for making some papier-mâché Calavera Catrinas.

This is a turn-around of the skull. The lighting was bad, so converting the montage to gray scale looked much better than in color.

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