Wednesday, May 30, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 68

Using some of my new knowledge, I placed ears on the head. I triangulated the ear notch from the pit of the neck and from the chin. Then I put a small wire brad to mark the point. I modeled an ear shape, checking it against the working drawing, until it was very close to the ear shape on the drawing. Then I cut it in half, giving me two identical ear shapes. I put one on each side of the head. Those ears were too thin to show up in the front view, so I repeated the effort once again, and placed those ear shapes over the existing ear shapes. Now the ears are blocked-in.

This is what my working drawing looks like, with dots for points, and some calculations based on the front and side view measurements.

Using just the Length, Width, and Height measurements from the front view and the side view, I was able to calculate the caliper measurements (D) for the oil-clay head. I also used a pair of wooden calipers, my hand-held calculator and a centimeter tape measure.

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