Saturday, June 2, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 71

Yesterday I pointed out how Martha Armstrong-Hand finished modeling a figure in oil-clay, and removed it from the back iron, leaving the hands in a blocked-out mitten form. I tried to design the armature for my oil-clay figure so I can remove the head, arms, and hands from the figure in order to work on certain details. The arms are removable so I can have access for modeling the torso better, as well as modeling the arms without the torso getting in the way. This photo shows the figure with the hands cut off the armature.

This photo shows the back of the hands as well as the palms of the hands. I am going to be doing some work on them in the next few days.

The work that I am planning to do will include some hand research. I will also be doing some more modeling on the hands. Right now, my plans for the hands include indicating the individual fingers better, but still leaving them in somewhat of a mitten form. I think that the mitten form will make for easier molding when that time comes. The final details will be made to the carving wax hands, a material that is well suited for making details.

Since the final doll will be cast in plaster slip casting molds using doll composition slip, that will influence the design of the final doll's hands.

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