Wednesday, June 6, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 75

I had an idea for a better hand armature. These are my sketches. I used single strands of the rebar tie-wire and needle-nose pliers with side cutters. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I used some computer printer paper to trace over a hand from my working drawing, then used my light box to copy that hand, making a mirror image. I sketched some details in these hands, for the front and back of the hands.

This is a montage of work-in-progress photographs, showing how I did the right hand, and finally, showing the new right hand on the figure.

This is a montage of photographs showing a comparison of the old and new right hands. I am able to adjust the fingers of the new right hand much better than than the old right hand.

The new right hand is on the left side of the photo-montage. The top shows the comparison of the palms of the hands, and the bottom shows the comparison of the backs of the hands.

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