Friday, June 22, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 91

I followed the mouth exercise in Berit Hildre's book, modeling heads and faces in clay. I tried to document my steps with my camera, but I'm pretty sure I missed a few. Nevertheless, there should be enough information in the photo montage to be able to make several practice mouths, if desired. Click on any image to enlarge it.

01. Start with a piece of clay curved like the jaw.
02. Press a couple of coils of clay onto it for lips.
03. Blend the ends of the coils into the cheeks.
04. Add a coil for the upper lip, and two coils for the lower mouth.
05. Blend those coils.
06. Add a small coil for Cupid's Bow, and a small ball to the mid upper lip.
07. Depress Cupid's Bow with a tool, and blend the small clay ball into the upper lip.
08. This is a side view of the progress made, so far.
09. Add some clay to the lower lip to make it rounder.
10. Use a tool to press in the corners of the mouth.
11. Add some coils for the outside of the mouth.
12. Blend them in.
13. Work on symmetry and finish the mouth.
14. The finished mouth, seen from below.

This practice oil-clay mouth was done very quickly. Berit Hildre recommnds doing this exercise several times, trying to give each mouth a different character.

One very interesting thing I found out is that the mouth muscle is the only muscle not connected to a bone. Instead, it connects to the muscles at the corners of the mouth and ends in the deep layers of the skin and mucus membranes. I will be making a closed mouth for this ball-jointed doll.

To learn more about human facial proportions, see these YouTube videos:

George Davis Proportions
Joanna Mozdzen Facial Proportions

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