Wednesday, June 27, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 96

I did not document this change when I was modeling because I did not remember to take any photographs, but I cut out the eye socket and raised it about one centimeter or so, then filled in the cuts. In this comparison photo, it is quite obvious that the eye socket has been raised. I learned about cutting and moving clay from watching Philippe Faraut videos. Click on any image to enlarge it.

One thing I noticed is that I did not make the upper eye lid go all the way over  to the tear duct. I added a small coil of clay to fix that.

This is a side view of the eye.

This is a three-quarter view of the eye.

I have outlined some areas in red. In the left photo I can see that I may need to make the upper eye lid more curved. They seem to have about the same amount of curve, but an upper eye lid should be slightly more curved than a lower eye lid. In the middle photo, I can see that the upper eye lid sticks out further than the lower eye lid. That is how it should be, but I am not so certain that it really needs to stick out that much further? It looks okay to me, right now. In the right three quarter view photo the cheek and the eye meet and form a slight indent. I believe that is caused by the differences in angles of the bones around the eye and above the jaw bone.

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