Monday, July 30, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 129

I worked some on the upper torso today. Circle any image to enlarge it.

It is much easier to fill little dents, like the ones circled in the photo below, with oil-clay, than with carving wax, later on. Sometimes I can feel the places that need filling before I see them, and sometimes I can see them before I can feel them. I move the figure back and forth frequently, so the available light plays over the surface. I model better with my right hand than with my left hand, but I try to use both hands as often as possible. When I model with my left hand, I am not as fast as I am when I model the oil-clay with my right hand. Sometimes a tool of some sort is needed because my fingers are just too big to reach something. I try to keep my favorite tools handy, but over time, they can get scattered around the studio.

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