Thursday, August 2, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 132

There are two points that I need to consider when modeling the head. The first is where the neck connects to the head, and the second is where the eyes are. For one thing, the eyes are the midpoint between the bottom of the chin and the crown of the head, when viewed from the front; with the width of the head being about five eye widths. The other thing is where the eyes are in relation to everything in the side view, considering that the head is curved. But that's not all. At least one other view point must look good as well, and that is the three-quarter view. Right now, a proper looking three-quarter view silhouette is what I am looking for. The line for that changes subtly as the figure is rotated. I think the secret to getting this right is in studying the skull. After all, the head is mainly the skull, with only a few muscles showing. The thing that I am trying to do is "Curiouser, and curiouser." Is Aalish having a dream? Is Aalish going mad? What is real? What is madness? Who can you ask?

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