Saturday, August 4, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 134

This is a photo of the nail that I have taped to the pipe on my modeling stand. The nail is taped to the pipe so I can find it when I want to adjust the height of my modeling stand. A smaller pipe, with holes drilled through it, that the nail goes through, fits inside this pipe. My modeling stand can be adjusted from 35.5 inches up to 47.5 inches, in one inch increments. That is from the floor to the top of the piece of plywood which is attached to the smaller pipe by a flange. Click on any image to enlarge it.

This is the modeling stand adjusted to its full height of 47.5 inches.

I adjusted the modeling stand so it would be more comfortable for me to work on the legs. I do not like to model when I am half crouched over. When I discover that I am working in a half crouched over position, I stop what I am doing, take a stretch, then adjust my modeling stand to a more comfortable height.

I am continuing to smooth the surface, adding small pieces of clay to fill in surface dents, and to try and work on any slack surfaces that appear. This may take awhile to do. I turn the figure frequently, and look at the various silhouettes as I do this. Sometimes, working on one area changes things enough that other areas need to be reworked. If everything works out, the figure will soon be ready to remove from the modeling stand for molding. The first molds will be made for casting carving wax into. Carving wax is an amazing 3D design material. While I am looking forward to begin working with carving wax, I do realize that some things are much easier to do in oil-clay, so I must not get in too big of a hurry. I know that my patience will be rewarded in the long run.

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