Tuesday, August 28, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 158

Today I cut the legs off of the torso. I made several cuts, starting in the back, along the bottom of the bum. I used a fettling knife to make the cuts. It has a long slender steel blade that is somewhat flexible, so I could get it between the legs. I sliced down until the knife blade hit armature. I sliced over to the sides so I could see my first cut when the figure was rolled over, to a face up position, for the next set of cuts. Click on any image to enlarge it.

After rolling the figure over, so it was face up, I made a Vee cut on either side of the crotch. Here again, I cut into the oil-clay until I hit armature. Then I continued the cuts from the back, over to the front, meeting the Vee cuts.

I grasped the right leg with my right hand, and held the torso with my left hand, then started to wiggle the leg, while at the same time, twisting it back and forth and pulling down. I could feel the leg start to loosen, then it came free. This is what it looks like after the first leg was freed from the torso. I think I did a pretty good job making the cuts with the knife because there is minimal tearing of the clay.

The I did the same thing to free the left leg from the torso. Yay !!! This operation was somewhat intimidating, but I consider it a success. In this photo, the raked inner legs can be seen clearly. I still have some modeling and smoothing to do before I can start making molds, but now I am one step closer.

This is a photo of the other side of the legs and torso. That is also a good view of the fettling knife that I used to make the cuts.

This is an end view of the cuts.

This is a comparison photo of the carving wax torso from version number two of my doll, and the freshly cut oil-clay torso.

This is another comparison photo of the version two carving wax torso, and the freshly cut oil-clay torso.

Here is a photo of all the oil-clay parts together on the pillow. There are a total of six parts. One torso, one head, two legs, and two arms.

The torso will eventually be divided into two parts, a lower torso and an upper torso. The head will probably have a skull cap, so eyes can be changed, so that is another two parts. The arms will each be divided into upper arms, lower arms, and hands. The legs will be divided into upper legs, lower legs, and feet. That is a total of sixteen doll parts to finish, not counting a pair of eyes, which I have purchased.

This is a parting shot of the oil-clay doll parts together on the pillow on the metal tray in my studio.

Although this part of the process is somewhat scary, I remembered that if I can make it, I can fix it. It pays to think ahead, and decide what to do, before jumping in and doing something without thinking first. I am so happy that I thought about a removable head and removable arms during the armature making stage because that really helped when it came to cutting parts off the torso.

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