Thursday, August 30, 2012

04 Modeling Nº 160

In the photo below I have started to cover the armature wires with oil-clay coils. I want to be able to use this armature again, so I am not going to clip the wires off. Instead, they will be cast in carving wax, and I will trim the carving wax off, after casting. The clay coils will keep the molding material from sticking to the wires, which are twisted, and might not release as easily from the molds as the oil-clay coils.

This is the last official modeling post that I am going to make here. I will continue to work on these oil-clay doll parts to get them ready for molding, but from now on, I will be posting about making molds of the oil-clay doll parts, in order to cast carving wax, an intermediate material. I will be able to design balls and sockets for joints, test string the carving wax doll parts, then refine the carving wax doll parts for making the final production molds for the doll.

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