Monday, September 10, 2012

06 Waste Molds Nº 1

I cut the oil-clay hands off of the arms today so I can start molding them in moulage waste molds, for casting carving wax. I am using a piece of painted steel sheet metal for a molding board. On the right is the top. On the left is the bottom. I taped a piece of plywood on the bottom in order to be able to pick the molding board up and move it around. Click on any image to enlarge it.

On the right is the cardboard cereal box cottle with the bottom edge scored so it will wrap around the hand. The cottle is about an inch taller that the tip of the fingers on the hand. On the left, the hand has been attached to the spare which has some extra clay around the base to aid in securing it to the molding board. I press the clay firmly to attach it to the molding board.

On the right I have secured the spare to the molding board. Then I center the cottle over the hand. On the left, I have secured the cottle to the molding board with some duct tape. I usually use masking tape, but I could not find it.

On the left, both hands have been secured to the molding board, the cottles placed over the hands, and taped securely to the molding board. On the right is another view of the hands, ready to be poured with moulage.

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