Monday, September 24, 2012

06 Waste Molds Nº 15

I put the oil-clay arm in the refrigerator on top of some rags to cool and get firmer for tracing around. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I filled-in a few more places on the clay build-up. It isn't absolutely smooth because this is for a hot-melt moulage waste mold, not a production slip casting mold.

I took the oil-clay arm out of the refrigerator and positioned it on the clay build-up. Then I traced around it with the tip of a fettling knife.

It is hard to see, but there is a line on the clay build-up in the shape of the arm.

Next, I will remove clay from inside the traced line, until the arm fits down into the clay build-up about half way. I will get it close enough. The moulage mold is semi-flexible, so I do not have to get it exactly on a parting line. I will be able to flex the mold off the arm if there are any undercuts.

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