Thursday, September 27, 2012

06 Waste Molds Nº 17

I carved a registration key in the clay build-up, using my mold knife. I clamped the coddles around the clay build-up and filled-in any gaps between the coddles and the clay build-up with oil-clay.

The wire armature will stick out of the moulage mold about 0.75 inch. I will need to plug that hole before I pour the carving wax.

I made an estimate of how much moulage I will need to melt for this mold.

The space that I need to fill is 78 cubic inches (1.5"x4"x13"). The arm is a cylinder that I am estimating is 5 cubic inches (1.125" dia. x 10"). I subtract the 5 from the 78 to get 73 The moulage weighs about 0.65357 oz. per, so 73 multiplied by 0.65357 is 47.71061 oz.
47.71061 oz. divided by 16 oz. per pound is 2.98191 pounds of moulage.
I will round that off to 3 pounds for each side of the mold, or about 6 pounds total.

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