Sunday, September 30, 2012

06 Waste Molds Nº 20

I position the oil-clay arm on the clay build-up and trace a line around its profile. Click on any image to enlarge it.

The outline of the oil-clay arm traced onto the clay build-up.

I remove clay inside the outline of the oil-clay arm to about one half of an inch.

I continue removing clay.

I place the oil-clay arm on the cutout to see if it fits. If not, I take it off and remove more clay from the clay build-up. I keep doing this until the arm fits.

I fill in all the gaps between the arm and the clay build-up. I trim and add the spare.

Finally, I put the coddles around the clay build-up and clamp them securely.

This mold is ready to pour the first half of the hot-melt moulage. I can use the same amount of moulage as I did for the first half of the other arm mold.

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