Saturday, September 15, 2012

06 Waste Molds Nº 6

I put some chunks of carving wax into the wax pot and turn it on so it will just melt... not too hot.  Click on any image to enlarge it.

The carving wax is almost completely melted.

When it is completely melted, I remove the wax pot from the hot plate. Then I make sure that there is no excess moisture in the moulage mold. If there is, I dab it out with a paint brush. Then I stir the carving wax to mix it thoroughly, and pour it into the mold in one motion, without pausing or jerking. I wear heavy leather gloves to handle the wax pot. I fill the mold to the top in an even pour, not stopping until the carving wax is at the top of the spare (pouring hole).

I watch the wax thickening along the walls of the spare. When it is about one quarter of an inch thick, I pour the excess wax back into the wax pot. Then I invert the mold over the wax pot, supported by a couple of pieces of wood. I let the molten wax drain from the mold.

This is the moulage mold with the carving wax casting at the studio sink where I have filled the hollow carving wax casting with cool water from the faucet. This helps the casting to cool so I can remove it from the mold.

Once the carving wax has cooled (I test the water in the casting with my finger ... if it is still warm, I replace the warm water with cool water), I can open the moulage mold and remove the carving wax casting.

This is the open mold, showing the carving wax casting. Overall, it came out pretty good.

I fill the sink with cool water and put the carving wax casting in the cool water to completely cool.

If I do not have time enough to cut the moulage mold and put it in sealed jars, then I wrap it in plastic so it will not dry out. Moulage is reusable if it is not allowed to dry out. Simply chop it up into small chunks and store the chopped-up pieces in air-tight containers so they will not dry out.

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  1. ok , Im still following this well. I understand it this far! thank-you for the good upclose pictures.


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