Friday, October 12, 2012

06 Waste Molds Nº 32

The mold is now ready to be poured with carving wax. I took the mold out of the plastic bags, and put the cardboard mold box around it, and fastened the cardboard securely with masking tape. I also put some rubber bands around the mold box for extra security. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I just estimated how much carving wax I would need to fill this leg mold. I did not feel like I had enough, so I added some old carving extras I made when I  was working on the first version of my doll. At that time, I did not know too much about carving wax, so I thought that having some extra carving wax doll parts might be a good thing. Since then I have found that I never used any of them. That is also why I am not casting extra carving wax doll parts with this version of my doll. I have a mark on the dial of the hot plate that tells me where the wax will just melt, without getting too hot. It is better if the wax is not too hot when casting it in the mold.

When all the carving wax melted, I stirred it well with a stick, then poured it into the mold in a steady, even pour. This was a tall mold. It did not leak. I was able to pour excess carving wax back into the wax pot when the walls of the mold were thick enough. This is the front of the leg.

This is the back of the leg. Note that carving wax was forced all the way into the wire hole at the ankle. The mold did not leak wax because that hole was on the molding table. I am pleased with how I was able to align the mold, using the mold walls, since I had forgotten to make a couple of extra keys when I was working on the first half of the mold. The leg does not show any offsets. There is the usual mold seam line on the carving wax casting.

This is a photo of all the carving wax doll parts I have, so far. There is a head, two arms, two hands, two feet, and the left leg.

Molding this leg required all the moulage I have in my studio, with very little left over. It is the largest moulage mold I have made, to date. Also, this is about the largest moulage mold that I feel comfortable handling, especially with molten carving wax in it. I am planning to mold the other leg in moulage, but I do not think that I will be molding the torso in moulage. I will probably make a plaster rough shell mold of the torso, for casting carving wax.

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