Monday, October 15, 2012

06 Waste Molds Nº 35

The moulage has melted, so I have taken the pot off the double boiler and I am stirring it while it cools. Click on any image to enlarge it.

When the pot cooled enough so I could lift it with my hands, I poured the moulage into the coddles.

I put six jars of moulage into the melting pot. This is how much was left over after the pour.

After the pour, I waited for awhile, then covered the moulage with plastic.

I came back after an hour, and this is what I found. Uh Oh !!! What happened?

After thinking about it, I decide that this fail was due to several things. First, I wanted to reuse the old build-up. But after I recut it, I saw that there were some very wide spaces between the oil-clay leg and the build-up. I made the decision to try and fill the wide spaces. That was my undoing. Hot-melt moulage is hot when it is poured, and oil-clay gets soft when it gets hot. The amount of oil-clay in the space between the oil-clay leg and the build-up was too great, and before the moulage could solidify, it went through the wide space because it softened the oil-clay too much, so the oil-clay could not support it any more.

Big fail. Okay, so I show what works and what doesn't work, right here, for all the world to see. I am am trying to be a big evangalist for moulage, and all I do is make mistakes with it. That's okay with me. Hot-pour moulage is reusable, and all I had to do was wait for it to set up, then clean up the mold box, and put the moulage in plastic bags, to be cut up again, and melted again, and I can make another mold. The oil-clay leg was not harmed in this process. Moulage does not stick to anything.

Yeah, I'm bummed, but so what? All I lost was a little time. I did not not lose time and money. I was not harmed. My oil-clay leg was not harmed. I can chop up the moulage and reuse it. So what I did was to make another panel, and replace the old panel for the left leg with a new panel for the right leg. Next I will trace a line on the panel around the right leg, then cut it out, and do it again. That is how it works. When you fail, the key is to pick yourself up, and try again. Learn from your mistakes. Onward. Forward. Love, love, love.

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