Wednesday, October 24, 2012

06 Waste Molds Nº 44

The new coddles are clamped together around the oil-clay lower torso. I sealed all around the bottom of the coddles with some coils of oil-clay. Click on any image to enlarge it.

There is one half inch space all around the oil-clay torso and the coddles.

I made a mold mark one half inch above the top of the oil-clay model.

I melted ten pounds of hot-melt moulage. I figured that I would need nine pounds of moualge to fill the coddles to the mold mark. I always like to have a little bit extra left over. That is always better than coming up short.

I poured everything I had. See what I mean?

Actually, I poured a little bit over the mold mark because there was so little moulage left over that I scraped every last bit into the coddles.

I used the mold table vibrator when I poured the moulage. After everything was poured, I turned the vibrator off and covered the mold with plastic. I will melt and pour the lower torso in carving wax tomorrow.

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