Thursday, October 25, 2012

06 Waste Molds Nº 45

I kept the poured moulage mold covered with a plastic bag overnight. This morning I took the plastic bag off the mold and removed the coddles. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I used the mold knife to cut the mold open, leaving registration keys on each side. I used the cleaver to cut across the bottom of the mold.

I cut out some cereal box cardboard, bent it in half, and taped it around the mold, including a piece of cardboard under the bottom of the mold. Then I put some rubber bands around the mold. This mold weighs ten pounds.

This is a view through the top of the spare, into the mold of the lower torso.

Once the mold was ready, I started to melt the carving wax.

Once the carving wax was thoroughly melted, I stirred it in the wax pot, then poured the mold. I had placed the mold on the floor to pour it.

Once the carving wax was thick enough along the walls of the mold, I poured the excess carving wax back into the wax pot, leaving a hollow casting.

I filled the hollow carving wax casting with cold water to help it cool off.

I poured carving wax from the wax pot into a water saturated plaster mold, and when it set up, but was still soft, I scored it with a knife so it will be easier to break apart the next time I melt it. I wrapped up the moulage mold in a plastic bag so it will not dry out. Hot-melt moulage is reusable if it is kept moist.

There is the cast carving wax lower torso on the tray with the other doll parts. I only need to mold the oil-clay upper torso to cast into carving wax and I will be finished with this part of the process.

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