Monday, October 29, 2012

06 Waste Molds Nº 49

I have used hot-melt moulage to make all the waste molds for the oil-clay doll figure because moulage is reusable. I molded each oil-clay doll part in moulage, then cast a similar carving wax doll part in the mold. After the carving wax was cast, I chopped up the moulage mold and stored it in Atlas Mason jars with tight fitting lids. The moulage must be kept moist if it is to be reused. The whole point of using the moulage, instead of plaster is because it is reusable. What I found out when I made the first two versions of my doll was that I never touched the plaster rough shell molds after I cast carving wax in them. Those plaster rough shell molds are still piled up in a corner of the studio. I probably never will use them ever again. Eventually, I will throw them away. So the idea of making a waste mold, using it once to get a good carving wax casting, then chopping it up for reuse as a mold for the next doll part is really a good thing. I do not have any plaster rough shell molds piled up anywhere in the studio for this version of my doll. I do have twelve jars of moulage, but I can reuse that for making molds for another doll. Anyway, chopping up a moulage mold and storing it in glass jars is a part of my doll making process. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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