Friday, November 16, 2012

08 Joint Design Nº 9

Remember how the doll parts looked with the spares still attached? Click on any image to enlarge it.

These are the carving wax doll parts placed loosely together with some Roma oil-clay holding the parts up. Progress is being made, slowly, but surely.

These carving wax doll parts need to be cut apart at the elbows and knees. They also need balls and sockets designed and added to them. They also need to be test strung, during the design stage, to test the design. Finally, they will need to be refined to a high finish. As part of the designing of the balls and sockets, I will need to make some custom balls, and custom sockets to fit the custom balls.

The best little PDF booklet about designing a ball jointed doll, using balljoints is Zen & The Art Of Articulating Dolls Using Balljoints (2007), by twigling. She is now requiring you to register in order to download the booklet. When you register, you will be added to her newsletter's mailing list. Other than that, the booklet is free of charge. I think it is worth it, so if you do not have it, please go get it. It is a PDF file, about 3MB in size.

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