Tuesday, December 11, 2012

08 Joint Design Nº 34

Prepare the first half of the plaster mold by removing the build-up, carving registration keys, and applying parting agent. I have marked the position where I will carve the spare later. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Place the first half of the mold in the coddles and clamp them together securely.

Mix and pour the plaster. I turn on the mold table vibrator when I pour plaster.

One of the best properties of set plaster is that it is homogeneous. It is relatively easy to carve. I used my paring knife to carve the spare in this mold.

I will let this mold set up until tomorrow; then I will saturate it in water, dab the excess water out of it, then cast carving wax into it. This is a mold for a 40mm carving wax ball for the upper arm. The pattern was a 40mm ping-pong ball.

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