Friday, December 14, 2012

08 Joint Design Nº 37

This is my first BJD, so I do not have a library of ball molds for casting carving wax. I must start to make my library now. Plaster is a good, inexpensive material to make a carving wax ball mold library with. The BEST material to make a ball mold library for carving wax balls would be silicone rubber molds. I am not that flush right now, so I am going to make my ball mold library with plaster molds. The plaster must be saturated with water in order to cast carving wax into it. Martha Armstrong-Hand made her ball mold libray from wooden ball patterns. Click on the image to enlarge it.

When I first began my joint designing adventure I collected different sizes of wooden balls and tried them out in different sized sockets to determine shoulder and hip joints. Now I make drawings of the whole construction and find balls that fit the size of my drawings. For further assistance I have made a number of ball molds, so now I can cast balls in wax, ready to weld to arm or leg pieces. Learning to be a Doll Artist (1999)

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