Saturday, December 29, 2012

08 Joint Design Nº 52

Today I came down to the studio without any inspiration, energy, or motivation to work on my doll at all. In times like this, I try to do something. It has to be something that does not require much thinking, because all I can do is sit and stare stupidly at the tray full of carving wax doll parts, and wonder what I am doing. I finally decided to bevel the edges of my plaster ball molds. I cannot possibly do any harm by doing this. I used a tool called a Surform to bevel the edges of the molds. The bevel makes the mold nicer to handle, and lessens the risk of chipping a sharp corner of the mold. Also, the beveled edges are not as sharp on the rubber bands, so maybe they will last a little longer. After beveling the corners of the molds, I used the point of a large lag screw to carve the size of the mold on each mold. All of these ball molds have had a chance to dry out, so the plaster shavings did not clog up the teeth of the Surform blade. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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