Wednesday, February 6, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 91

When I can not figure something out, I switch to doing something else. I have so much to do on my doll at this time, it is not a problem to pick something else to do. Since I am somewhat indecisive about what I want to do with the hip joints, I am going to switch over to working on the torso joint for awhile, until I can decide what to do with the hips.

I am going to make a two-part torso, with the joint located at the bottom of the ribcage. This is the natural place for the joint since the ribcage can be considered as a single mass. The ribcage does not fold or bend anywhere there are ribs. The hips and the skull are two other masses that do not change shape, except for the hinged jawbone of the skull.

First of all, I covered the torso with a very thin plastic produce bag from the grocery store. This plastic does not cling to the surface, like Saran wrap, or one of the other clinging plastic wraps used for storing food. However, it is very thin, and I just happen to have a bunch of them in my studio.

Next, I applied strips of masking tape, all going in one direction, around the torso, and over the plastic bag, making it conform to the shape of the torso. After the first layer was applied, I applied a second layer, perpendicular in direction to the first layer of tape. Click on any image to enlarge it.

The third layer of masking tape is applied to the torso, going the same direction as the first layer of tape. Three layers of masking tape makes a very sturdy body form that will hold its shape after I remove it from the torso. I trimmed the plastic bag down to about an inch (2.54cm) above and below the masking tape. I folded the plastic bag edges down over the masking tape, and taped over it.

Using a cardboard tube that was just the right height, I taped a Sharpie marker on top of it, then drew a line around the masking tape body form.

Then I used a combination square to mark the center line in the front of the torso.

I also made a center line in the back of the torso.

I used some dull point scissors to cut the masking tape body form along the back center line.

I used some more masking tape to close the cut. This is the front view.

This is the back view, showing the three pieces of masking tape that I used to close the cut. The masking tape is translucent, so I can see the line through it.

By making some lines parallel to the center lines, and equal distances from it, I can start to draw the line that I will use for cutting the carving wax upper torso. When I get the lines exactly where I want them to be, I will open the masking tape body form, put it back on the carving wax torso, then use a sharp needle tool to make holes along the line, and into the carving wax. Then I will remove the masking tape and connect the dots.

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