Saturday, March 2, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 115

I am working on another socket ring, made from a piece of matte board. I am using a compass to draw the circles. One circle is the inside diameter, and the other circle is the outside diameter. I put the center point of the compass on the crossed lines. I use a ruler to measure. The measurement is 35mm from the center, or a 70mm diameter. The ball is 75mm in diameter, and 70mm is one-third. I found this out by dividing a 75mm circle in thirds, then measuring across one of the one-third lines. I hope that makes sense?. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I use an X-Acto knife with a very sharp blade to cut out the inner circle first. I first cut lightly on the line, being very careful to stay exactly on the line. I cut about one-quarter of the circle at a time. Once I have cut the line lightly, I go back and cut in the same line until I have cut through. It takes several passes with the knife to cut all the way through.

Once the inside circle is cut, I can cut the outside circle. This way, the matte board supports the ring, which is about 4mm wide.

I use a cereal box underneath the matte board, so I do not cut into my table. I cut the outside of the ring in the same way I cut the inside of the ring, that is, lightly at first, then deeper and deeper until it is cut through.

The ring should allow one-third of the 75mm ball to fit inside of it.

This is the 75mm diameter hip ball and the matte board hip socket ring.

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