Wednesday, March 20, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 133

I sanded the right side of the torso under the arm socket with a piece of 60 grit sandpaper. This is a very rough grit of sandpaper, so I sand lightly. The effect is similar to using a rake on an oil-clay figure. Low spots show up easily. Click on any image to enlarge it.

The left side of the torso is not as bad as the right was.

I used my paring knife to scrape off carving wax where needed.

I used the piece of 60 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the left side of the torso. It is obvious where I need to add some carving wax.

Eventually, the whole carving wax doll will be sanded with this rough grade of sandpaper, the low areas filled, then the excess carving wax scraped away. After that, a finer grade of sandpaper will be used to erase the marks left by the rough grade of sandpaper, and so on. I probably will not get around to doing that until the doll has been completely jointed and test-strung.

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