Wednesday, April 17, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 161

I decided to make a socket by pouring molten carving wax into the upper leg, with the ping pong ball closing the hole. I drilled a hole about one half of an inch above the top of the ping pong ball. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I melted some carving wax in my wax pot, transferred it to my little pouring ladle, and poured the carving wax into the hole. Then I tilted the leg up, so the carving wax would cover the ping pong ball. I propped the leg up in a plastic cup to allow the carving wax to solidify and cool.

This is the socket in the upper leg.

I plugged the hole I drilled with some scraps of carving wax and used my wax pen to melt the carving wax and close the hole.

The upper photo shows the filled hole with molten carving in it. The lower photo shows the excess carving wax in the filled hole scraped off with the paring knife.

The big idea here is that carving wax can be melted and poured. In this case, I am using the carving wax upper leg as a mold, and the ping pong ball as a pattern. The hole I drilled in the side of the leg was the pouring sprue. Then I used my wax pen to close the sprue hole by melting carving wax into it. Once again, the fact that I can melt carving wax is a very useful property of the carving wax. The carving wax can also be easily carved with my paring knife. This makes it easy to subtract the excess carving wax. The carving wax doll part is tough enough to withstand round elastic doll cord tensioning, for the purpose of test stringing the joints that I am making.

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