Sunday, April 28, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 172

Okay, yeah, so this is my personal ball-jointed-doll-making journal. I do this every day in order to journal my BJD-making progress. My idea is that if I do a little bit of work on my doll every day, that eventually I will complete a ball-jointed-doll. Isn't it Hell? OMG !!! Why is it taking me so long to finish this doll? I am making progress, but I seem to be going at a snail's pace.

I came into the studio today and picked-up the carving wax head and looked at it for awhile. I did not actually do anything with it. I just thought about stuff to do with it. I guess I needed a break from knee joints for a short period? Sometimes it is a good idea to take a break and just try to look at what I am doing, or trying to do.

I still need to cut a skull cap. Then I will melt some carving wax and pour it over a 40mm diameter ping pong ball in order to make a neck socket. I have an itch to test-string some of these parts, so I may do this so I can test-string the head on top of the neck.

I always have a doll room, or a doll house theme playing in the back of my head, for when my doll gets finished. I am so easily distracted. Oh look !!! I am playing with some LEDs. What possibilties do these have for BJDs, or doll rooms, or a doll house?

I am following like, 145+ weblogs through Google Reader. Then, out of the blue, Google said they were going to, like abolish Google Reader as of July 1st. I was totally freaked-out. I'm sorry, I was. I enjoy reading so many different blogs, and having the new posts delivered automatically, without having to go and check each and every blog, right?. So what I did was to find another RSS feed reader called Akregator, and installed it on my computer. I was able to download the list of blogs I am following with Google Reader, and import them into Akregator. Then I un-subscribed from ALL the blogs that I was subscribed to through Google. So now I am Google Reader free. I am still getting all the feeds I was subscribed to when I was using Google Reader, but my little icon does not show up in the Followers of each blog.

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