Friday, May 10, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 184

Most of the time, the carving wax doll parts and carving wax balls are scattered all over the tray. The tray weighs 3.5 pounds. The tray with the carving wax doll parts on it, weighs 12.5 pounds. That means that at this point in the process, my carving wax doll parts weigh about 9 pounds.

That weight will change as I add and subtract carving wax. Also, some carving wax parts are cast thicker than what they will be when the final slip castings are poured. So this weight measurement really doesn't mean anything, except to let me know why that tray full of carving wax doll parts seems so heavy. To put this weight into perspective, a gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds.

This is a bird's eye view of the carving wax doll parts put in a semblance of order, and the carving wax balls more or less organized. Click on the image to enlarge it.

I have circled some areas of the photo in green and red. I forgot why I circled them? I think the green circles are for joints that need new carving wax balls made for them. The red circle is for the ankle joints, which I still need to cut. Otherwise, except for the ankles, most of this doll has had the major joints cut. I still need to bevel the backs of the knees, as well as the inside of the elbows. The hands and feet need to be carved to their final form, and the head still needs a lot of work. However, progress is being made, even if it is at a snail's pace.

I love my carving wax doll parts. Carving wax is an amazing, incredible, awesome, wonderful, and fantastic doll design material. Have I mentioned that it is also reusable? Not only that, but there are so many ways that I can work with it. It is also tough enough to tension with elastic, for test-stringing. I could go on and on....

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