Thursday, August 8, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 271

I welded the 22mm diameter carving wax wrist ball to the carving wax left hand using my wax pen. The top two photos are before, and the bottom two photos are after. I used my paring knife to subtract excess carving wax from the welded join. Click on the image to enlarge it.

More details about my inexpensive DIY Wax Pen may be found here. I also have a jeweler's alcohol lamp, and various metal tools for working with wax. The alcohol lamp is filled with Denatured Alcohol, and the wick is lit with a match. The metal tools are then heated over the flame until they are warm enough to work the wax. For some things, the alcohol lamp is a better choice of tool than the wax pen. However, since I made my DIY Wax Pen, I use it much more than the alcohol lamp. My wax pen consists of the DIY Temperature Controller, and either a 25 Watt wood-burning tool, or a 25 Watt soldering iron. The tips on each tool are threaded, so they are replaceable. I can use a jeweler's hammer and a small jeweler's anvil to hand forge custom tips. Extra tips can be purchased at the local hardware store. For an amateur doll maker, the cost of the DIY Wax Pen is well within a tight budget, and it is well worth the time to make one. I have been using my wax pen since I made it, in September 2012.

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