Thursday, August 29, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 292

This is a back view of the test-strung Carving Wax Doll. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I saw that I needed to do some work on the wrist of the right carving wax arm. I used some scrap pieces of carving wax that I carved out of the skull cap and I pressed them onto the wrist, all the way around. These scrap pieces will be the filler.

I was heating up my DIY Wax Pen while I was adding the pieces of scrap carving wax to the wrist.

This wax pen is made from a 25W woodburning tool with a custom forged tip. I use the wax pen to weld the scraps to the wrist. I make sure that the tip of the wax pen goes all the way through the scraps, and also melts the carving wax in the wrist. That way, the scraps and the wrist become one piece (additive technique).

Once I have welded all the scraps to the wrist, I use my paring knife to scrape away the excess (subtractive technique).

Although it still needs more work, it is now much closer to being finished than when I started.

Here is a useful test-stringing trick. One way that I am adjusting the tension of the elastic is by using different lengths of S-hook. It is much easier to cut a length of wire and bend two hooks in it, than it is to remove the elastic cord, untie it, and retie it. These S-hooks are made from the same soft iron wire that I used to make the armature.

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