Wednesday, September 4, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 298

Today I cut about 2cm length out of the left lower carving wax arm. I started out by deciding where to make the cut. There were a couple of things to consider. One, I wanted to be able to put it back together and have it strong enough to test-string. Two, I wanted a place that was not too tapered. I used masking tape to wrap around the lower arm, up near the elbow, where it was larger in diameter, and was not tapered too much. Actually, the masking tape is just a little bit under 2cm in width, but it was close enough. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I used the masking tape as a guide, and my paring knife to scribe a line around the arm where I wanted to make the cut.

I deepened the scribed line with the woodcarving tool that has a diagonal blade with a sharp point.

Because the woodcarving tool's blade was so thick, I switched over to the X-Acto knife to finish making the first cut. I worked slowly because I did not want any accidents to happen.

Finally I completed both cuts, without losing any of my fingers, nor cutting into any of them. I was probably holding my breath most of the time while I was cutting.

I used my wax pen to tack the pieces together.

Then I used my wax pen and some scrap carving wax to fill in the weld. Then I used my paring knife to subtract the excess carving wax from the weld area.

All that work, and it doesn't look like I did a thing.

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