Sunday, September 22, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 316

The first test-stringing is finished and I am working through each set of doll parts and making notes of what I need to do. This is the bottom of the upper torso. The socket has been filled. The hole needs to be enlarged. The edges around the socket need to be worked, for symmetry, and to better fit the lower torso. The transition between the upper torso and lower torso needs work.

The collar bone area needs some work on symmetry, but otherwise is pretty close to being where I want it to be.

The shoulder socket needs to be filled. A matte board ring is needed. The transition between the neck and the ball joint needs work. Check for undercuts around the breasts, especially on the sides.

Same notes for this side as for the above side.

The neck to ball joint has already been mentioned. Check symmetry. Check for undercuts.

The back is almost where I want it to be. I may make some small detail changes, but they won't be much.

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