Tuesday, December 3, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 388

My ancient sanding blocks are finally clogged with carving wax, so I went out to get some more sandpaper. I found a 10-pack of assorted grit, aluminum oxide, sandpaper sheets at the local Harbor Freight store for $2.99 USD. The 10-pack has 2-60 grit, 3-100 grit, 3-150 grit, and 2-220 grit, 9-inch by 11-inch sheets of sandpaper with A-weight paper backing, for dry applications. Since the carving wax does not produce dust when sanded, I do not need wet-or-dry sandpaper. This pack will make many smaller sheets of sanding paper after I cut the sheets down to size.

I also found a 6-piece Carving Set made of Stainless Steel for $5.49 USD. The contents of the package are as follows:
  • Spatula, hook, pick, spade, scoop and combo spade/scoop
  • Ideal tools for many types of hobbies including wax carving, ceramics, and clay modeling
  • Durable stainless steel construction resists rust when exposed to water
  • Knurled handles for positive grip
  • Lengths range from 5-1/2" to 7"

Stainless Steel tools like these can also be heated over a jeweler's alcohol lamp.

Compared to the price of carving sets at the local Arts and Crafts store, this is a good deal. The set was made in India. Another source for these kinds of tools are to ask your dentist to save broken dental tools for you. I have gotten several broken dental tools from my dentist. Usually, it is only one end that is broken, and the other end is still good. My dentist not only saves the broken tools for me, but also cleans them for me in an autoclave before giving them to me, so they are sanitized.

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