Monday, December 30, 2013

08 Joint Design Nº 415

I continue working on the left hand with my paring knife. Today I also filled my jeweler's alcohol lamp with denatured alcohol and used it to warm the blade of the paring knife when adding small amounts of carving wax to the hand. The left hand is 3.25 inches long (82mm), from the end of the ball to the tip of the index finger, and is one of the smallest parts of my doll. Right now, I am working to get the fingers to look like they might have joints (knuckles), and not look like rubber hoses that do not have any bones in them at all. I have given up on looking at photo references, and I am concentrating on getting them to just look right. As a result, I find myself fiddling with details on one part, and defining larger planes on other parts. As small as they are, the hands have a lot going on, even though I tried to keep the pose of this hand relatively simple. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Here are a couple of bonus snapshots of the WIP carving wax left hand. One shows a side view of the thumb, and the other shows the finger tips, . One technique that I am using, that I may not have mentioned before is burnishing. When I scrape off carving wax with my paring knife, there are carving wax shavings on the knife blade. Sometimes, I press these shavings into a spot, then use the knife blade to burnish them down. What burnishing does is compresses the carving wax. I can tell when it is burnished because the carving wax changes color, from very light, to almost as dark as the base carving wax. While this is not a good way to add larger pieces of carving wax, it does work well for small spots.

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